Every game lovers wants to purchase game credits to improve their game play. All gamers wants to get Free Fire Diamond, PUBG UC, Google Play Gift Cards for free But it's not so easy. They have to spend a lots of money for it. But for those people who want game credits but don't have money, I bring with me a superb Earning Application. In this application you can get Free Fire Diamond, PUBG UC, Paytm cash etc.

You have to work in this application to get Free Fire Diamond and PUBG UC. In this application you can earn money by spin wheel, complete surveys, Refer friends, and download some games and Application. So lets move on to the application. The name of the Application is "UGIFTS".

About This Application⏩

UGIFTS is all gamers favourite choice to earn games credits like Free Fire Diamond, PUBG UC Also Paytm cash. You can earn easily from this application by spin, refer, Download apps, and complete surveys etc. 

You can redeem from this application when you reach a minimum amount. All payments are done by coda shop for Free Fire Diamond.

How To Sign up⏩

1) First of all you have to download this application from the link given below. It's easy. You have to just click on the download link and go to play store. Just click on install to download this app.

2) After Download this application you have to open it. When you open you can get a option called "Sign up with Google". After clicking on this option you have to choose your gmail for sign up.

So this is the sign up process now take a look how you can earn from this application.

How To Earn⏩

The Earning process if this application is so simple. Here the steps by which you can earn

1) Spin And Earn:-

This is the basic Earning method to earn in this application. You can get 10 spins per day to earn. Also you can get more spin by watch some video ads.

2) Download Apps:-

The second Earning option is Download apps. Basically this application provides you some Apps which you have to download. After downloading the apps you get paid from this application.

3) Refer and earn:-

This is the coolest Earning option in this application. You have to just invite your friends by the invitation link with refer code. Once you friend Download this application and put your refer code you will get 200 coins.

4) Complete Surveys:-

This is the another earning option. Basically you have to complete some survey. It just takes 10 minutes to complete a survey. So its simple to earn in this application. 

5) Watch Videos:-

The last Earning option in this application is watch videos. You have to just watch some ads videos to earn. You can get unlimited ads videos per day. 

Now take a look on the Redeem section

How To Redeem⏩

It's so simple to redeem from this application. When you reach a minimum amount of 200 coins you can redeem it on your Paytm. Also if you earn 5000 coins you can redeem 50 Free Fire Diamond on your account.

Invitation code⏩     qulishtechs

Download link ⏩

For Further information You can see this video or you can visit our YouTube channel.


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